What Nintendo needs is… Momentum

I’m sure you have heard said more than once by now, “The Wii U is doomed, Nintendo should go third party.” There has been many debates, arguments, relationships broken and gamers all over the internet trying to find an explanation to what’s going on with the Wii U. Some say that there is no way to fix what’s been done. Others say to give it time, but it’s time enough? Time doesn’t fix anything unless you do something during that time. So the question is, what does Nintendo needs to do now before the PS4 and Next Xbox are launched?

Momentum, that’s all Wii U needs.

The answer to this question is very simple, but hard to do. Nintendo just needs to build momentum to the holiday season, the hard part is, how? The Wii U has a couple of advantages that many people don’t talk about. One of the main advantages is that the system released a whole year ahead of the PS4 and Next Xbox. If you recall a couple of years back, Microsoft was in that same position. By the time the PS3 launched, the Xbox 360 was far ahead of it and had many games that actually took advantage of the system. I would argue that this was the reason why most games were mainly developed for the 360 and then ported to the PS3. Developers were already used to the Xbox 360 architecture and had more experience with it. This also allowed Microsoft enough time to patch any problems the system had before the competition arrived.

This is exactly what Nintendo needs to do. They began doing this somewhat by patching the slow OS with the Spring update and they plan to further these efforts by also releasing a major Summer update. If we look back at, for example, Miiverse when it launched, it’s totally different from what it was. Not only is it different, but it has been vastly improved with numerous updates. By the time the PS4 and Next Xbox launches, the Wii U OS should be working flawlessly because they have had a year to fix all these problems. However, the PS4 and Next Xbox will find themselves with their own OS or system problems. This will divide the focus of the potential buyers while Nintendo can focus completely on the games.

Remember this?

However, fixing the OS is one thing, but building momentum is another. What fixing the OS does is basically clean the dirty room so that once you go inside everything looks pretty and you would’ve want to stay. Basically, once you buy the system you would love it so much you would recommend it to others. But, to build momentum Nintendo needs to have a marketing strategy that leads people to buy their system. They need to tease us, make people talk about the Wii U, and show us the games. If there was one thing the Wii had when it launched was momentum. Nintendo hit it out of the park, they just need to figure out how they did it and do it again.

I recall E3 2006 like if it was yesterday. There was people talking about the Wii all over the internet, most making fun of its new name but they were talking about it. However, all that negative talk was put to rest by the moment Iwata came down the E3 presentation stage. It was what we call, a megaton. Nintendo’s E3 2006 success was simple. When you see a new Zelda, a new Metroid, a new Mario, a new Smash Brothers, a new controller that completely changes the way you play games you have to get excited. How wouldn’t you? And not only that, but also show 3+ new IPs, one of them being Wii Sports, there is just no contest. So what does Nintendo needs to do to get momentum? Exactly what they did in 2006.

How could one forget?

Nintendo needs to come out of this E3 swinging. And that’s why I’m excited. Nintendo is not dumb, and they are being very secretive lately and that can only be good. Of course, for us fans it’s a little bit annoying but I think at the end we will all be happy. It all starts the 17th of May (tomorrow). Nintendo just announced that they will have a Nintendo direct that will focus on summer games for the Wii U. We already know about many of these games but we don’t have release dates or much footage of them. We should get more information about Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Game and Wario, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, some third party games and I have a feeling that we will get at least one surprise with addition to some info on the summer system update. This can be the beginning of what Nintendo needs, but they need to nail this. E3 2013 needs to be the turning point for the Wii U, and I’m sure it will be as long as they announce a bunch of exciting games.

What do you think Nintendo needs to do to build momentum? And are you excited for E3 2013? Please, leave your thoughts and comments below and thanks for reading. If you like what you read please follow my blog, I already have a couple of other interesting articles and analysis cooking.


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