Wii U, The Inclusive Console


Here is a trivia question. What does a brother, sister, sister-in-law, mother, old cousins both female and male, younger cousins both female and male, a 7 month old baby and me have in common? And, how could something be exclusive and inclusive at the same time? (Refer to my past article about Wii U, The Exclusive Console). I will give you 5 seconds. Ok, here it is in a short story.

On Wednesday my mother invited some family members over. Some of these family members have come to my house before, but my brother and his wife haven’t since I bought the Wii U, I think. Anyways, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to play some Fifa 13 vs my brother for the first time on the Wii U. Keep into account that I have never played multiplayer on my Wii U, neither has anyone in my extended family.One of the main reason to this is because I don’t have an extra controller. I’m the only one that plays video games in my house so I never have found the need to spend money on extra controllers. And even if I would, I’m split in two between a Wiimote & Nunchuck or a Pro controller. So, I decided to text one of my cousins that was coming to my house and owns a Wii asking him to bring his Wiimote, and he did.

I started playing against my brother, he said that the game was a bit weird but I just assume he was not used to the Gamepad which is understandable. As I beat him, I thought that my brother was pushed away from the Wii U. He always made fun of it because he is a PS3 fan and as I played with my cousin I was sure my brother wasn’t going to play anymore. To my amazement, he played again against me once I beat my cousin. Needless to say that I won all the matches but at least he had fun and he wasn’t making fun of the console anymore, rather he seemed to find it interesting and enjoyed it.

I say all that to state the following. The Wii U is an inclusive console because:

  • My little cousins love playing Need For Speed on the Wii U Gamepad, they don’t even use the TV because when my uncles and aunts come to my house I let them watch TV. Which reminds me of another story. I went to one of my little cousins house and he got NFS as a birthday present for the PS3. He really wanted to play but the PS3 was connected to the main TV in the living room and his dad wouldn’t let him. I just thought to myself, “If they had a Wii U they wouldn’t have this problem.”
  • Another example is my sister and my mom. My mom likes Mario but she doesn’t play video games much. However, one day I let my sister play Rayman Legends and she really enjoyed it and every time I play she is humming to the music (Rayman Legend soundtrack is really good, even my mom hums to it now). Again, they don’t play video games, but my sister always uses the Wii U to watch TV shows on Netflix and sometimes she watches movies with my mom.
  • Third example is again my little cousins. As we tried multiplayer for Super Mario Bros. U and NFS Most Wanted I was surprise at how much they liked it. Again, we only had one extra Wiimote so the Gamepad user was just helping the regular player, but they were definitively having fun.
  • This leads me to the biggest surprise of the night. As everyone was leaving, I step in the living room and see my brother and his wife seating there. I look at the TV and notice that Super Mario Bros. U is on, but no one is playing. As I step closer I see that my brother has the Gamepad and my sister-in-law has the Wiimote but they couldn’t get it to work. I set it up for them and was really looking forward to their response. I explained vaguely and quickly that the Wiimote was Mario and the Gamepad user puts blocks to help, or not if they choose to. Interestingly enough, my brother starts messing with his wife and putting blocks in her path. They are both laughing and having fun until Mario dies. My sister-in-law decides to change controllers for a pay back. As she picked up the Gamepad she asked, “so, how do I do this”? I just simply said, “Oh, it’s a touchscreen you just touch the screen.” Her reaction was,”Oh wow, this is cool.” Sadly, they didn’t get to beat one level but they had fun, and it hit me that I have never seen them play the PS3 together as husband and wife. (I guess the PS3 is not an inclusive console…)
  • I almost forgot to mention my little nephew. When my brother was playing Fifa he had his son on his lap and he began to move players with the touch-screen trying to help his dad. Ok, he is just 7 months old and he was just touching the shiny screen but he was having fun! (You can’t have fun with a PS3 or Xbox controller as a baby cause it doesn’t have a shiny screen calling out your name.)
  • And lastly, my older female cousin. She came by today to the house, I really don’t know for what but it seemed that it was to use the Wii U. She spend 6 hours! watching stuff on Netflix. The biggest surprise? She never turned the TV on. She just laid down on the sofa and watched whatever she was watching thru the Gamepad screen. Yes, she was in the living room where the TV is at, don’t ask me why, but she seemed to prefer the Gamepad for some reason. Which is interesting because as I was playing Fifa against my cousin he said that he also preferred to play the game by thru the Gamepad screen rather than the TV.

And that’s all the examples. Oh, wait I forgot myself. Well, you already know I love my Wii U, and I love it even more when others enjoy it. In conclusion, the Wii U adds much more to the gaming experience than 8 GB of DDR5 RAM, or the Xbox cloud can. It’s innovative and “cool” one you give it a chance. Many people dismiss it because they don’t understand it, but once you let someone play it, they get it. Some others say that it is not as pick up and play as the Wii, but I’ve found that it is just as easy to pick up and play as the Wii. In other words, the Wii U is THE inclusive console for everyone and it’s FUN.


2 thoughts on “Wii U, The Inclusive Console

  1. Is the Wii U selling well? If it sells as well as the last one, then it will certainly be inclusive!

    • Last thing I heard about sales is that they increased by almost 900% in the UK. But, it’s not selling well overall. Nintendo did a pretty bad job at marketing the thing and they stopped. What’s known is that they just started to advertising the console again since they have games coming out every month and with E3 it can pick up some momentum. But, I’m sure it will sell well when people take notice of it. It’s a really neat piece of hardware that can appeal to all.

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