Wii U, The Inclusive Console


Here is a trivia question. What does a brother, sister, sister-in-law, mother, old cousins both female and male, younger cousins both female and male, a 7 month old baby and me have in common? And, how could something be exclusive and inclusive at the same time? (Refer to my past article about Wii U, The Exclusive Console). I will give you 5 seconds. Ok, here it is in a short story.

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Miiverse Madness

Since this is going to be my first official post I decided to make it a bit lighthearted. And what better way than with some Miiverse art! Here are some of my ‘masterpieces,’ ok they are not that good (at least compared to most Miiverse artists) but I was impressed at myself with some of them. So here you go, hit the jump for the art!

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