One 4 U, but which?


So here it is, all three next-gen consoles have been revealed: the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U. The question is, which one will you buy? Here is my quick list on my opinions on all three.

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Is Nintendo Doomed? Let’s see what the numbers say!

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Oh man, like if Nintendo or the Wii U needed any more wood on that fire that’s been burning for months. Just a couple of days ago EA announced that they have absolutely zero¬†games in development for Wii U. And just as you would’ve expected everyone came out spreading fear and calling the Wii U the Dreamcast, among other things. To be honest, I’m a Nintendo fan but I’m not blind. This is obviously not good news at all. There is no way we can spin this in a good way, but is it game over? Should Nintendo just throw the towel and call it a day? Or do the numbers suggest something completely different? Let’s look at this situation with a business and analytical approach.

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What Nintendo needs is… Momentum

I’m sure you have heard said more than once by now, “The Wii U is doomed, Nintendo should go third party.” There has been many debates, arguments, relationships broken and gamers all over the internet trying to find an explanation to what’s going on with the Wii U. Some say that there is no way to fix what’s been done. Others say to give it time, but it’s time enough? Time doesn’t fix anything unless you do something during that time. So the question is, what does Nintendo needs to do now before the PS4 and Next Xbox are launched?

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