Nintendo E3 Direct Teaser

We know the date and the time, but we don’t know the moment that this Direct is going to define. Here is a little teaser I made, hope you guys like it!


Sonic Lost World has Mario Stars!?

As many of you have already seen, Sonic Lost World looks incredible specially those new screenshots. However, I found something rather peculiar in one of them and it seems nobody has mentioned yet. So, here it is…Image

See it yet? Maybe the arrow helps you… Is that what I think it is!? It surely looks like a Star from the Mario series. This wouldn’t surprise me since many Third Party games on the Wii U has some type of Nintendo easter egg. The question is, if this is a power up, or maybe just a collectible item, or maybe something even more special? Well, we will have to wait and see, but it sure seems interesting.

What do you guys think this is?

Wii U, The Inclusive Console


Here is a trivia question. What does a brother, sister, sister-in-law, mother, old cousins both female and male, younger cousins both female and male, a 7 month old baby and me have in common? And, how could something be exclusive and inclusive at the same time? (Refer to my past article about Wii U, The Exclusive Console). I will give you 5 seconds. Ok, here it is in a short story.

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The Games are finally here, Wii U!

I said in my introductory article that this is not a Nintendo news blog, therefore I don’t report on news. However, this seemed too important to not write about it. The games are finally here! I don’t know if you know but four games were released today for Wii U. Oh, and all are third-party games. Here is the list: Lego Batman 2, Sniper Elite V2, Fast & Furious and RE: Revelation. But, the point of this article is not just on these 4 games. We are close to June which means that we are closer to the release of Game & Wario and New Super Luigi U. This can only mean one thing, we are finally here!

As many of you know, Nintendo hasn’t released a game in a while. Actually, there hasn’t been any main games this whole year. This is due at the fact that Nintendo decided to delay some games in order to start a stream of releases for the second half of the year. This is when Iwata, and all of us really, hope that the Wii U will pick up momentum. This is the beginning of what I wrote about last week. Not only are the games coming, but Nintendo has started new marketing campaigns. For example, was created to promote Wario and it’s genius. Let’s just hope that the marketing to come are equal or better than this one.

For Nintendo, this is it. This is the moment they have been waiting for, but can the next Xbox or PS4 hype get on the way? That’s something that we will have to wait and see, the most important thing is that the games are coming, finally.

Wii U, The Exclusive Console


Friday, Nintendo released its new installment of Nintendo Direct. Some say it was lackluster, but it was exactly what Nintendo said it was going to be. There was one big announcement, but this article is not really about the latest Nintendo Direct. This is a series of articles about all the good news Nintendo fans should be excited about. In the midst of disaster and bad press, we take a stand to share with you the following. There is good news for Wii U. It’s not as dark as many paint it to be. Yes, things are not optimal but is far brighter than it’s perceived. Today, we are going to focus on one aspect of the Wii U, exclusivity.

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Is Nintendo Doomed? Let’s see what the numbers say!

Untitled 9

Oh man, like if Nintendo or the Wii U needed any more wood on that fire that’s been burning for months. Just a couple of days ago EA announced that they have absolutely zero¬†games in development for Wii U. And just as you would’ve expected everyone came out spreading fear and calling the Wii U the Dreamcast, among other things. To be honest, I’m a Nintendo fan but I’m not blind. This is obviously not good news at all. There is no way we can spin this in a good way, but is it game over? Should Nintendo just throw the towel and call it a day? Or do the numbers suggest something completely different? Let’s look at this situation with a business and analytical approach.

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What Nintendo needs is… Momentum

I’m sure you have heard said more than once by now, “The Wii U is doomed, Nintendo should go third party.” There has been many debates, arguments, relationships broken and gamers all over the internet trying to find an explanation to what’s going on with the Wii U. Some say that there is no way to fix what’s been done. Others say to give it time, but it’s time enough? Time doesn’t fix anything unless you do something during that time. So the question is, what does Nintendo needs to do now before the PS4 and Next Xbox are launched?

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